Sunday, August 02, 2009

Life Drawing in August: Oils and Acrylics

I thought that it would be fun to let the students try some juicier drawing techniques! Oils in particular have a bad rep as being difficult but, depending on how you use them, they can be as easy as a box of crayons. They are the ultimate in a moveable, changeable medium and they should help in the study of overall shape and background-foreground relationship (i.e. negative space!). Plus they are wonderful for capturing light effects.

I find acrylics a bit more challenging but they can yield wonderful rich results.

We'll use a very limited palette of colors, on recycled drawing papers. The emphasis will still be on observing, understanding and rendering the human form, with the tools, tricks, and perceptions entailed in the process.

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Nikko said...

Bugsy was a precious little being, full of love, enthusiasm and charm. It was sweet to know him and hard missing him even tho our meeting was brief. Arthur made his life full of fun, good food and affection. We should all be so lucky. Those of us who know Arthur are.
Love to you Bugsy.
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