Wednesday, February 24, 2010

One Day at the Gallery

Having neglected to update this blog since Christmas, I just wandered around with my camera to share a few of the artworks at the gallery this month. Bonnie's new sunset painting is beauty on a grand scale, while Tuko and Cosette continue to produce charming smaller scenes. Esther's been having some severe health challenges, but you'd never guess it from the hilarity and good spirits of her typical work including this big dog with his slipper collection. I love the big colorful paintings by Steve Irvine, but we may be removing them soon as we need each painter to spend some hours helping to run the place and he can't seem to pull that together.

Amy's necklace contains, of all things, a petrified camel's tooth!

We have a couple of new glass sculptures by an artist down in Paradise Park, Daniel Moe.

I'm liking my new tapa-design mats on some of my landscape prints, just some of many uses I'm finding for a big stack of Nepalese rice paper given to me by Tim, across the street at the Katmandu gallery.

I happen to have a couple of old portraits of Chiu Leong and Eva Lee, which I had to retouch for them. Something about the wierd weather lately was making them bubble up and produce a powdery residue which fortunately came off without damaging the portraits... It's funny to revisit this older genre of work and note the slightly cartoonish treatment of Eva's big beautiful eyes, and of Chiu's inability to stay awake for the portrait process.

And then of course I have my little boxes in the shape of hearts which I made for Valentine's day.