Thursday, August 27, 2009

Life Drawing in September: Portraiture

Here's a little flyer for next month's life drawing Thursday class. So often in drawing the figure, people zero in on the face and spend excessive time and energy rendering it. For various reasons this can make for a very wierd drawing. To honor this impulse and give the students a chance to work it out of their systems I decided a whole month of portraiture might be in order.

We'll tackle the structure of the skull, neck and shoulders, and work on creating convincing sculptural renditions of the forms in space. We'll look at the differences between sexes, body types and races, and skin colorations, and how to convey these artistically. Starting with charcoal and progressing through conte and monochromatic paint, we'll end the month with painted portraits.

I'm hoping to find multiple models for each Thursday afternoon. I'd like to work out an arrangement where the model gets to keep the portraits rather than expecting the normal monetary donations. Any volunteers?? Call me at 965-7642 or email me

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