Saturday, April 17, 2010

We Survived Merrie Monarch

I'm typing this blog entry one-handedly since I just had a surgery to repair my poor ol' rotator cuff (shoulder joint) which finally broke down after years of artistic over-use. Fortunately my friends Alaina and Gheerling are letting me recuperate for the weekend at their rented house in Lanikai!

Merrie Monarch week was exhausting. For the first time we got a booth at the big craft fair, so not only did we have to create and occupy the booth, but we had to fill it with artworks! I spent a great deal of time with Tuko and Cosette printing new pareos and tanktops with tapa and petroglyph motifs.

Tuko outdid herself designing our new rack card, which includes a map showing our location in the grand scheme of downtown Hilo!