Sunday, September 05, 2010

Fifth Anniversary Celebration!

Everett took these photos of us in front of our works, and some shots of the party we had on Friday September 3. Noticeably absent are the dynamic duo of Leslie Sears and David Hubbard, but we'll post their photos eventually. Everett is updating our website and has been compiling files of photos to draw upon.

The main news this month is that Sonya has to leave the islands due to her husband's allergies. This is a bummer because she is a super nice person and her artworks are very beautiful. In an effort to lighten her load and send her happily on her way, we are holding a silent auction of her paintings and pastels. This is an extraordinary opportunity to purchase gorgeous artworks at a very minimal price! Many of the pastels are unusually framed with custom matboards with real sand texturing them. The auction will last until the end of September.

The opening was fun and well attended. We always have tasty and abundant food to share, which I imagine has an attractive effect. Up the street at the East Hawai'i Cultural Center, a group of environmentally active artists opened a show of native species and habitats, while in a side gallery John Mydock presented an array of very spectacular turned and carved and radically painted wooden objects. In my humble opinion this show establishes his position as one of the Big Island's most powerful and creative artists, much as Henry Bianchini's amazing show did in July at the same venue.