Saturday, August 01, 2009

Bugsy R.I.P.

I hope not many blogs are written by heartbroken people, otherwise who would read them? Nevertheless I thought I'd post a last good-bye to Bugsy, the amazing little dog who kept me company for 3/4s of this year. We were minding our own business on a residential street in Hilo, waiting for my acupuncturist, when a big white dog came out from under a fence. To my surprise he grabbed Bugsy in his jaws, crept back under the fence, and ran away. I leaped over the fence and pursued him and he finally put Bugsy down. But Bugs was so badly hurt that later at the vets I had to have him put to sleep.

Bugsy was a really fun little guy, a tiny creature with a huge personality. He looked like he was cobbled together out of spare parts from other animals. He had a mane and a curved neck like a mule, with huge ears and bulging eyes. When he yawned he transformed into a mythical gryphon with a fiercely curving tongue. I'll miss him terribly. Fortunately Tuko sketched him several times.


tuko said...

RIP Bugsy. You were a good friend and great companion to Arthur. Thanks for all the joy and love you gave us. And fun tug of wars with your towels. We will miss you.


Bird Levy said...

wow Arthur, I am so sorry about Bugsy, what a bummer...I never had any pets but I am sure it's like losing a dear friend, so sorry my dear. aloha, Bird