Friday, June 15, 2007

This Week's Project

I spent a season on O'ahu way back in 1999, when my friends the Kloningers had a guestroom available for me in Kahala. That year the shower trees put on an exceptional show of flowering and I spent day after day at Kapiolani Park trying to capture the beauty in an impressionist style. I did several versions, at different times of day, of the view from street level right in front of the Colony Surf.

This year I got a belated benefit from all that effort, when Fran Obayashi of Obayashi Design Group contacted me for a large version of one of the paintings for a new admitting room at Queen's Hospital. The challenge is to do something that will lend tranquillity to a place that could be stressful for new patients. Here's my progress so far, plus two of the original plein air prototypes.

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