Friday, June 01, 2007

Installing the Triptych

Before leaving for O'ahu to install this triptych, I harassed my small group of Honolulu friends to see if I could borrow a truck to make the pick-up from the docks and the delivery to the house. A surprising number of staunch souls had trucks and were willing to help me out. But as it turned out I got upgraded to an SUV and was able to do the whole transport very easily and with time to spare.

Actually hanging the panels was another matter, as I discovered that the plaster walls had some very solid impenetrable material behind them that prevented easy use of my screws. But I persisted and managed to get them all onto the walls, where I must admit they transformed a humdrum space into something of a very high-class quality. This seems very much in line with the owner's policy in general, since he has had the wisdom to retain and restore the original old home rather than replacing it with gigantic mega-mansions the way folks have done on either side of him. The location couldn't be more beautiful, on a very calm beach with views of Koko Head and Diamond Head on either side.

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