Monday, October 13, 2008

Studio Chaos

Every once in a while I take a bunch of pictures in my studio, as a sort of time capsule look at what I am doing in this present moment. I thought it might be interesting to share this even though it's kind of personal to show just how much of a slob one is. Maybe this can be a sort of testimonial "before" picture since my intention is to get rid of a lot of unnecessary stuff and create a serene, orderly workspace. Actually the worst of it is unseen here, behind the wooden walls where chaos really does rule supreme!

Also I'm noting a predominance of the smaller landscape paintings. I'm actually hoping to start filling the studio with work in different directions. The huge landscapes are a step forward, but I also want to do more abstraction and figurative work. Of course I enjoy portraiture a lot so will always want to have some of that going on too. Right now though I am getting ready to visit the Kona side and O'ahu to refresh the work in galleries there and maybe get one or two new ones. So I have a lot of unfinished work on the walls, seeking to resolve and polish up as many as I can.

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