Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Painting at Paul Mitchell's Estate

What would it be like to have oodles and endless oodles of money? The painters of Hilo's plein air group got to dip into this reality last thursday when we drove through the gaudy metal gate of Paul Mitchell's estate high above the town, and into a paradise of gorgeous specimen plants, fruit trees, airy & serene buildings, and magnificent waterfalls.

Tuko and I arrived late, to find everyone ensconced under shady trees, painting an exquisite little pond. A couple of them, oddly enough (David and Michael) looked as though they were painting the subject at hand but were actually doing other things, a still life and an imaginary Chinese landscape (go figure.) Tuko and I of course took care of first things first and went for a bracing dip in a pool beneath a tall waterfall.

Unfortunately my computer has been crashing and unable to access my photos, but I did manage to download this sampling of photos from that adventure.

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