Monday, October 16, 2006

One Last Look

These are the last paintings that I did at Mile 17. Several of them were done literally days before the bulldozers came in and changed so much. The little tree tunnel scene with the white and black dog is the very last view from that spot, which is now being turned into the middle of the new bypass road. I donated it to the Sierra Club for their recent fundraiser (it was bought by my friend Katie Viehl). The poignant look of the doggy is very real since he and his master Eric had been squatting on the gorgeous property nearby and have now been evicted by the new owner, who actually requested that the bulldozers go in and flatten his little house and much of the surroundings. Now he and the dogs are truly homeless -- too bad....
But I think the area will be beautiful once again someday, as it has excellent bones.

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Robert Bray said...

These images by Arthur are important in terms of capturing and preserving the geographic, cultural, aesthetic and natural beauty and heritage of this special place. Goddess bless Arthur and the other artists who captured the spirit and beauty of Mile 17 and the "Red Road," and remind us of how fragil and transcient that beauty is unless we remain vigilant. -- Robert