Monday, May 01, 2006

A Visit to Molokai

I took a four-day jaunt to Molokai with my Hawaiian language class. In addition to the usual tourist stuff (Phallic Rock, Kalaupapa overlook, Halawa Valley, etc) we visited a fishpond built by Hawaiians of old, recently uncovered from its dense blanket of invasive mangrove trees -- truly impressive. We also visited an organic awa farm in the hills near Halawa Valley, complete with a large flock of Nene geese. We stopped at the Hui Ho'olana, which is a wonderful retreat center high in the hills above Kaunakakai, where I have taken some great Process Arts workshops not too long ago.

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V.Brown said...

Ahhhh...wish I was there. Sounds like a beautiful time. Nice photos also. Thanks for sharing a little bit of aloha.