Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Kaua'i Sketchbook

Last Wednesday I kayaked into Kalalau Beach with Richard Koob, of Kalani Oceanside Retreat. We spent much of our time sketching the splendors of this remote paradise, including pools along the Kalalau stream which are reached by hiking through amazing relics of Hawaiian civilization. Goats clamber like headlice in the immense rock formations brooding over the huge white beach. In the caves beneath the cliffs, the strong afternoon wind whips green fresh-water ponds into mysterious whirlpools. Later we sketched some unusual liko lehua (the budding leaf forms of the Ohia tree) up at the lookout in Kokee, perched high above the valley. Finally I sketched RK as he plucked tiny shells off the beach at Anini on the north shore of the island, not far from Princeville.

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