Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Afternoon at the Gallery, January26

These are some photos from around the gallery just to show what's new this year. I'm always on everyone's case to keep producing new art, but the truth is that it's pretty challenging to keep it coming! New, fresh art is often the first to get sold, and so sometimes it can seem like the gallery doesn't change very much. But it does have its progression of novelty....

We looked longingly at a space that's opening up on bayfront, just down from Sig Zane's very prestigious store. Dreams of expansion and better exposure danced in our heads, but the rent (double our current, plus lots of insurance needs!) was daunting. A mishap with a very grouchy manager clinched the non-deal, as he threw Cosette and Tuko out of the space for just being there looking around! We think we'll stick with our current location and our friendly landlords!

To celebrate Valentine's Day and month, we are having a sale on cards, t-shirts, pareos and boxes. I personally love the little hand-crafted items, but they take a lot of time for the $$ amount we can charge. But it's just this sort of thing that will be popping up on those TV antiques road shows in future years, unbelievably rare items from the hands of artists!

I'll be teaching an oil-painting workshop this Sunday up in Volcano Village, at the Niaulani campus of the Art Center. It's been a while since I've taught, so it will be a good chance to brush up on my people skills and communication arts.

A friend of David Hubbard provided this shot of him working on a portrait.

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