Sunday, November 16, 2008

One that Got Away

I have quite a few paintings hung around Kalani retreat center, down the road where I lived in the early 90's. Most of them are for sale, while some are just permanent decorations which I traded for rent back in the day. A very small few, in fact just one or two, are not for sale, just there on a long term loan. Anyway, they sold one of those by mistake the other day. Rather than creating any bad energy I am just going along with it, but I am a bit sad. I like this painting a lot because it shows Richard Koob and Roger Montoya painting on the coast near Opihikao. Roger, my wonderful painter friend from New Mexico, actually helped me on the painting, turning it from my sketchy style into something quite bold and wonderful. I love the kind of Katzenjammer Kids cartooniness of it.

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