Friday, September 26, 2008

Painting at Green Mountain

I wish I could say I had a brilliantly successful day painting with friends up on Green Mountain, overlooking Kapoho. But Tuko and I arrived quite late and the sun was beating down on the plateau with no shade in sight, and no wind to speak of, and I just withered in the humidity while trying to paint the challenging vista. Plus the picturesque storm that I included in my sketch, that was so beautifully poised over the ocean, came straight in towards us and soaked us down thoroughly. I had been painting on a thin masonite panel which bent over from the moisture. So by noon I was very ready for our ride back down the hill, courtesy of Smiley, the beautiful caretaker of the Green Lake and Green Mountain. The best part was going up and down that road, under the graceful kukui and breadfruit trees, through the patches of awapuhi ginger.

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