Friday, May 09, 2008

Painting with Mark Brown

I spent the last week of April on O'ahu's windward side, courtesy of a dear family friend Barbara Bahnsen in Lanikai where I used to live three decades ago (yikes!) and where my grandfather lived even further back. Lanikai of course is that amazing little enclave of paradise perched just east of Kailua, where mega-mansions have been edging out the sweet little bungalows of yore.

Right away I was swept into the intense painting life of Mark Brown, the lovable big plein-air prince of the island, who tackles huge canvases on location while at the same time nurturing the skills of dozens of other artists. It is such a pleasure to join him on these daily adventures in O'ahu's most beautiful spots.

One afternoon on the windy white sands of Lanikai we were joined by Debby Young and Franco Salmoiraghi, good friends who happen to be royalty as well in the artistic world of the islands.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Arthur,
It's Pam, I met you last week painting with Mark Brown. That was so much fun and Mark was so generous with his advice and tips on painting. I'm back home in Florida getting over major jet-lag and a cold. I should be up and at it again soon.

All the best,