Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pareo Production at the Studio

When I first contemplated putting up this agricultural building for my studio I envisioned a spare, contemporary space devoid of clutter, something that could appear in Dwell Magazine. Well, five years later it has taken on the jammed, scattered and hurricane-struck look of a sloppy artist's workroom.

That said, here are shots of the studio with my friend/helper/apprentice Ben Ellis working on a stencil design. Tuko and I printed pareos, fabric wrap-arounds popular in Polynesia, in preparation for next week's Merrie Monarch festival, which we hope will bring customers into the gallery for souveniers. I used my paper stencil of a turtle.

Here is also a shot of a big new painting of the coastline at Opihikao which I am hoping will actually make it into Dwell Magazine. The painting is for my friends Mike Kurokawa and Paul Fishman, who recently built a house designed by Craig Steely, which is going to be photographed by the Dwell crew in a couple of weeks.

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