Thursday, December 13, 2007

New at the Gallery

Yesterday Cosette brought in this amazing large orchid painting, Go Cosette!! We hung it high on a wall but will have to find a more prominent place for it soon.

I took some photos of the gallery windows, full of my hanging "ornaments," many of which are actually small paintings that happen to be two-sided and hanging on a line so they spin in the breeze. Call me crazy, but the holiday season gives me an excuse to be craftsy and creative in that more graphic and abstract way. You can also see a few of my new pareo prints.

I also photographed "my" wall, just as a record of how it looks at the moment. The large Kaua'i painting of Hanalei Bay needs to get shipped off to Germany soon. I'm hoping to trade out most of the other island paintings for Big Island, botanical or figurative themes soon.

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