Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Blue, Yellow, Red

Toward the end of this gorgeous summer day Tuko, Cosette and I converged on Opihikao to paint the spectacular view of the coastline with its many outcroppings glowing in the sun behind a row of graceful palm trees lining the road. It is a wonderful place to hang out, on a knoll overlooking the road, covered in soft cushy grass, in front of the 10 acre estate belonging to nice folks named Bernard and Gloria. Bernard kindly took us on a tour of his property which includes many well preserved rock walls dating from Hawaiian village days and lots of abundantly fruiting trees.

It's hard to tell from the photo but it was amusing to notice all three of our painting starts are in different primary colors: mine in blue, Cosette's bright yellow, and Tuko as usual exploring her cadmium red outline technique. I have been studying Cezanne and so am floundering a bit, caught between my habit of painting what I see and the desire to push the compositional elements as the Master would have done.

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