Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Guerrilla Signing at the Sheraton

Recently I allowed a Pictures Plus in-house designer to use a bunch of my images for a project at the newly redesigned Sheraton Keauhou. Friends who saw the installation complemented me on its magnitude but were surprised to see that the prints had been hung without my signature, which is of course a horror story to an artist. So when I visited Kona last week I took my paintbox into the hotel and spent a couple of hours signing almost every print (one was too high to reach.)

The hotel is spectacular and there are a lot of my prints hanging in the lobby and pool atrium. Some look really good but others look undersized and isolated on the enormous expanses of wallspace. Too bad they couldn't be printed at mural size! Or, better yet, too bad the hotel doesn't spring for some "real" art and hire me to do some original murals!!

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