Sunday, April 23, 2006

That Floor!!

Repainting the old brick-red concrete floor was an adventure in itself. Against Randy's admonitions to save the valuable 100 year old antique floor as it was, I just had to brighten it up and change the look. So I spent a couple of days scrubbing every inch of the floor and then laid down a coat of green paint. Then Cosette, Tuko and I swirled tapa-inspired patterns onto each panel using notched squeegees and brownish red paint. Now everyone looks down immediately and exclaims "I love the floor!!" so I guess it was worth it. And sure enough the new paint does flake off and scuff a bit, but it just adds to the timeless "old Hawai'i" flavor.

Karen, down at Mo Media, printed out a new sign for me using the logo my cousin designed, based on my signature.

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